Thursday, June 22, 2023 will be held the workshop Passion Assets, dedicated to goods lovers that exceed the economic aspect. The event will take place at the Sala Cattaneo of the Consulate General of Italy in Lugano, in via Ferruccio Pelli, 16.

During the workshop will be explored a range of assets such as artworks, collectible watches, motorcycles, vintage cars and sport horses. The purchase of these assets is driven by passion, not speculative purposes, so it is essential to carefully evaluate financial, tax and inheritance variables with the help of experts. Among others, Mrs. Bonaldo, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant and TEP at Stelva SA, will present valuable information on the use of the trust institution for the collection of works of art.

Participating in this workshop will provide an opportunity to deepen the management of Passion Assets and connect with other enthusiasts. Don't miss the chance to learn from industry experts and discover how to protect and enhance your passions in a smart way.

Free admission subject to availability.

TO REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-workshop-passion-assets-617586938157


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